Transportation - Eilat Ramon Airport

This transportation guide will give you all the very latest information on how to get from Ramon Airport to Eilat. And we also provide you with tips on how to get from the airport to other destinations in Israel such as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. At the bottom of this page is a FAQs section, where we answer some questions about transportation at Eilat Ramon Airport and how best to get to other hot-spot destinations in the area.

Car Hire_Ramon Airport to Eilat

Travel By Car

Eilat Ramon Airport is located at the junction of Be’er Ora on Hightway 90. The terminal is clearly signposted on approach while the zip code for the airport is 8881000 for those wishing to use the Waze application or a sat nav.

To Eilat: If you have hired a car at Eilat Ramon Airport, Eilat is within a 10 – 15 minute ride on Highway 90 (south). This road was recently widened into four lanes and offers a quick and congestion-free journey into the city.

To Tel Aviv and Jerusalem: Alternatively, for Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other places in central Israel, you can take Highway 90 (north). The journey to Tel Aviv will take roughly three and a half hours.

Buses_Ramon Airport to Eilat

Travel By Bus

Buses are an excellent way to reach Eilat Ramon Airport. Egged, Israel’s largest transit bus company, offers bus routes from Ramon Airport to Eilat as well as from Eilat to many locations across Israel.

To Eilat: There is a regular shuttle bus that runs from Eilat Ramon Airport to Eilat roughly every 10 to 15 minutes. The same shuttle bus service runs from several locations in Eilat to Eilat Ramon Airport roughly every 10 to 15 minutes.

To Tel Aviv and Jerusalem: Egged runs buses every hour from the bus station in Eilat to Tel Aviv (lines 390, 393 and 394) and the journey time is five hours. Egged also runs three buses a day from the bus station to Jerusalem (line 444) and the journey time is five and a half hours. These buses make a stop at Eilat Ramon Airport on the way to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Ramon Airport to Eilat

Travel By Taxi

Taking a taxi is an excellent choice for those arriving at the Eilat Ramon Airport late at night or who would prefer to avoid the hassle of waiting for a shuttle bus.

To Eilat: You can take a private taxi from Ramon Airport to Eilat using the the taxi rank situated outside of the terminal building. A standard fare will be charged for the ride that will be around 100 shekels (US$25).

To Eilat Ramon Airport: Visitors to Eilat looking to take a taxi to Eilat Ramon Airport are advised to ask their hotel to book a cab for them in advance. Alternatively, passengers who would prefer to make their own arrangements can order a taxi themselves from a taxi company in Eilat. Well-known and reliable taxi companies in the town include Shachamon Taxis (+97286338198) and Fattel Taxis (+97286334141).


Is It Possible To Take A Train From Tel Aviv or Jerusalem to Eilat?

No, it is not currently possible to take a train from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or anywhere else in Israel to Eilat. Eilat is not connected to the rest of Israel via a train line. The Israeli Government is currently proposing to build a high-speed railway connecting Eilat to the rest of the country, with intermediate stops in Beersheva and other smaller towns in the Arava region. On February 5, 2012, the Israeli cabinet approved the pursuit of this project and it is understood to be in initial planning stages at the current time.

How Can You Travel From Eilat Ramon Airport To The Border with Jordan?

There is no direct public transport connection from Eilat Ramon Airport to the border crossing between Israel and Jordan. This border crossing is known as the ‘Wadi Araba Crossing’ on the Jordanian side and as the ‘Yitzchak Rabin Terminal” on the Israeli side. Those wishing to reach the border crossing from the airport can either take a taxi (see above for details on taxis). For a more affordable option, you can take a shuttle bus or public bus to Eilat (see above for details) and ask the driver to stop the bus at the Eilot Interchange which is right before the entrance into the town of Eilat. From this interchange, the border crossing is a 15 minute walk along Road 109.

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