Terminal Information - Eilat Ramon Airport

Ramon Airport’s airport terminal under development (April 2016)

The new Eilat Ramon Airport opens in early 2018 and will replace the two airports servicing Eilat – one in Ovda and the other in the town of Eilat itself.

Eilat Ramon Airport is named after Israel’s first astronaut, Ilan Ramon, who died in the February 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia disaster and his son, Assaf Ramon, who died six years later when his F-16 fighter jet crashed during a routine training flight for the Israeli Air Force.

The airport is the first civilian airport to be built in Israel since the country first gained its independence in May 1948. The new airport may have taken six years to construct but the end result is truly stunning.

The renowned architect firms, Moshe Zur and Mann Shinar, have created a terminal building that blends in seamlessly into the surrounding terrain of the Negev desert. The terminal building is said to have been inspired from the shape of the surrounding Negev’s desert boulders. The arrival and departure areas are not separated and the end result is a larger space that is intended to create a large and inspiring outlook onto the never-ending, dramatic, desert scenery and red mountains.

The terminal building features a commercial area of 13,320 square meters, including a wide range of duty free shops and facilities including restaurants, luggage storage, lost and found, prayer rooms, foreign currency exchange and a tourist information centre.

Here at this guide to Eilat Airport, you can find all the details you need to know about transportation to and from the airport to the town of Eilat. One of the great advantages of Eilat’s new Ramon Airport is that there will be an easy and quick shuttle service to and from the town to the airport. Still, make sure to read our guide to hiring a car at Eilat Ramon Airport for those who want the freedom to visit the wider Negev region of Southern Israel.

We also provide live updates about arrivals and departures at the airport. The live flight information shows flights arriving not only from domestic Israeli airports but also from cities across Europe. The Government of Israel has decided to subsidise flights from Europe to Eilat. Due to this, affordable flights to Israel’s Red Sea Resort are available through carriers such as Ryanair.


An artist’s impression of the new terminal building at the Eilat Ramon Airport (Mann Shinar Architects)

10 Vital Statistics for Eilat Ramon Airport

9 parking spaces at the airport will be available for B747 jets.

29 total parking places will be available for planes of all sizes at the airport.

32 check-in desks will be available for operation at the airport.

46 meters is the height of the control tower at the airport.

300 workers will travel from Eilat to work in the airport each day.

3,600 meters is the length of the runway at the airport, enough for B747 jets.

34,000 square meters is the size of the terminal building at the airport.

1,700,000 NIS is the estimated cost of constructing the airport.

1,800,000 passengers will pass through the airport in its first year of operation.

5,000,000 passengers a year can pass through the airport at its maximum capacity.