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Shopping at Eilat Ramon Airport

Eilat Duty Free Shopping

Shopping at the new Eilat Airport will complement existing options in the town of Eilat such as the Mall Ha-Yam Shopping Complex pictured above.

The new Eilat Airport beings passengers a first class shopping experience.

The airport terminal boasts a huge retail space of 3,320 meters, comprised of the entrance hall for the general public and the outgoing passenger terminal.

Both passengers travelling on domestic and international flights out of Eilat Airport will be able to benefit from duty free shopping. This means that no tax will be payable on a range of items including alcohol, confectionary, clothes which are purchased at the airport.

Just keep in mind that the duty free benefits offered to domestic and international travellers will not be exactly the same due to the different customs regulations applying to each group of travellers.

James Richardson Duty Free operates a 303 sq meter duty free shop in the departures section of the terminal as well as a 72 sq meter “last minute shop” close to the departure lounges. In addition, the Eilat Ramon Airport boasts a number of other stores in the terminal, including a Steimatzky book store and various big name high street shopping outlets.

In the landside section of the terminal, James Richardson Duty Free offers a 113 sq meter tax-free shop – products sold in this shop will benefit from the general exemption on VAT which applies throughout the town of Eilat (see the “Shopping in Eilat” section below for more details).

If you need a little R&R after shopping at the new terminal, then you can grab a drink and something to eat at the two Ilan’s Coffee bars located in the hall for outgoing passengers.

Shopping in the Town of Eilat

Still, the prices in Eilat should in many cases be cheaper than the prices elsewhere in Israel. This is because retailers in Eilat have been able to sell a wide range of products (with the notable exception being cigarettes) without charging a 17% VAT on goods ever since the introduction of the Eilat Free Trade Zone Law 1985.

For those interested in picking up some bargains in Eilat, key shopping destinations include:

1. Ice Mall is located at 8 Kampen Street next to the Lagoona. The Ice Mall is based in a huge glass dome and, in addition to various designer shops from international brands, features an ice skating ring which is open all year round.

2. Big Eilat is located at 20 HaSatat Street in the northern part of the town. The Big Eilat mall is an open air shopping centre with over 30 stores and plenty of parking.

3. Mall HaYam, located at 1 HaPalmach Street, on the far western side of the town’s promenade. This shopping centre offers more than a hundred big name brands sell clothes, jewellery and other household items at discounted prices.

Keep in mind that it might be worthwhile to hire a car at the Eilat Ramon Airport if you are planning on doing a lot of shopping. This might also be a good idea if you live in Israel and want to purchase large items.

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