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Introduction to Eilat

Welcome to this guide to holidays in Eilat. Israel’s Red Sea Resort.

Nestled on the warm turquoise waters of the Red Sea and surrounded by Terra Cotta Mountains, the dramatic backdrop to Israel’s premiere Red Sea resort is simply breathtaking. Eilat is blessed with all-year-round sun with temperatures during the winter very often rising above 25°C as well as low humidity levels.

But it’s not just the weather that makes holidays in Eilat so attractive. Eilat holidays offers a diverse range of activities aimed at meeting the needs of any type of traveler.

Plentiful Activities

Beach Holidays in Eilat

EIlat boasts some of Israel’s finest beaches

The coral reefs along Eilat’s coastline are in pristine condition and the area has diving opportunities galore. What’s more, the proximity of these reefs to the shore means that non-divers can snorkel along these beautiful reefs with ease. As if that was not enough, the town has plenty of more attractions on offer including tax-free shopping, a marina, ice skating rink, aquarium and IMAX cinema.

Few people know this but Eilat sits on the main migration route for millions of birds flying between Africa and Europe so visitors lucky enough to be in the town at the right time during the year can bear witness to this spectacular natural phenomenon at the various observation posts.

Although Eilat today benefits from world class, luxury hotels and facilities, it’s easy to forget that the town is a crossroads of the ancient world. The town is mentioned in the Book of Exodus as a crossing point for the Jacob and the Children of Israel when they crossed from Egypt into the Land of Israel. Later, settlements in the area of Eilat were created during Roman and Muslim rule in the Holy Land.

The Gateway to Israel’s Negev Desert

Amazing Holidays in Eilat

Not to be missed: desert treks in Israel’s Negev region.

Eilat is also the gateway into the Negev Desert which occupies about half of Israel’s land area. Long overlooked as a touristdestination, the Negev Desert is quickly becoming the next “must see” destination on the global travel map after Conde Nast Traveler magazine placed it on its Hot List.

The Negev Desert, meaning “dry” in Hebrew, is so much more than just a desert. The dramatic mountains and wadis in the Negev Desert play host to eco-villages, wineries, meditation camps, archaeological sites and Bedouin villages.

You can book day-trips from Eilat to the Negev Desert and here is a list of some highlights:

  • Tel Beersheva.
  • Sde Boker.
  • Timna Valley Park.
  • Machtesh Ramon.
  • Yotava Hai-Bar Nature Reserve.
  • Hiking, Camel Treks and Jeep Tours.

For more adventurous souls wanting to spend more time in Israel’s majestic Negev Desert, there are plenty of excellent accommodation options ranging from eco-lodges to five star hotels. Check out some first-class deals in Israel’s Negev Desert here: 

But it’s not just Israel’s beautiful southern regions that attract visitors to Eilat. Many visitors to the city take advantage of their time in Israel to visit the holy city of Jerusalem or Israel’s modern metropolis, Tel Aviv. Both of these world-class destinations can be easily reached from Eilat and more details are available in our transportation guide.

Festivals and Events

Eilat offers a host of many festivals and events throughout the year, catering for a wide and diverse range of interests. Here is just a handful of the fantastic festivals happening in Eilat this year:

1. Red Sea Jazz Festival. In February each year, Eilat plays host to three days of non-stop jazz music, featuring some of the preeminent Jazz musicians on the international scene. Previous performers have included Chick Corea Trio, Joe Lovano and Fred Hersch.

2. Eilat Birds Festival. Hosted by the Israel Ornithological Center, this festival is aimed at bringing together bird enthusiasts during the peak spring migration time.

3. Eilat Chamber Music Festival. Held in March each year, this festival is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the orchestral and chamber music scene in Israel. In 2016, the famous French orchestra Les Dissonances and their renowned conductor, David Grimal, performed at the festival.

At these times of year, Eilat is buzzing with visitors from throughout Israel and all over the world. Some visitors to Eilat choose to time their holidays in Eilat to coincide with one of these festivals. Hotels get booked up quickly during these popular periods and so it’s worthwhile to book accommodation as far in advance as possible.

When Is The Best Time of Year to Take Holidays in Eilat?

Eilat benefits from a glorious all-year-round hot and sunny climate. Summer temperatures range from 25 – 40 °C (79 – 104 °F) and winter temperatures tend to range from 11 – 24 °C (52 – 78°F). The high temperatures are moderated by low humidity levels (around 15%).

Here are a few quick tips for booking holidays in Eilat:

  • When booking Eilat holidays, keep in mind that peak season in Eilat is during the Jewish festivals of Passover, which usually falls during April, and Succot, which usually falls during September. The dates change each year and it’s worthwhile checking out the exact date for these Jewish holidays so you’re not over-charged when booking an Eilat hotel.
  • Keep in mind that Eilat sits on the edge of the Negev Desert and therefore temperatures can drop significantly at night so make sure that you pack a sweater as well as your swimwear and sunglasses

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