Car Hire - Eilat Ramon Airport

Booking a car hire in Eilat is a fantastic option for passengers looking for flexibility in their travel plans.

Various companies, including Albar, Shlomo Sixt, Budget and Cal Auto, all offer car rentals from the Eilat Ramon Airport.

Why Should You Book a Car Hire in Eilat?

  • Quick & Affordable Transport To and From The Airport. Hiring a car in Eilat is a cheap option for traveling to and from the airport. Hiring a taxi can be expensive, with fares of up to 35 Euros for a one way journey. There is a shuttle bus from Eilat Ramon Airport to Eilat but this may not be the perfect solution for families and others who don’t want to wait to start their holidays in Eilat.
  • Picking Up Shopping in Eilat. If you are an Israeli, one advantage of hiring a car in Eilat is that goods purchased in the shopping centres around Eilat can be easily transported back to your hotel. This is a big bonus when you remember that Eilat’s shops benefit from a special exemption from VAT and therefore many goods can be much cheaper than elsewhere in Israel.
  • Visiting Israel’s Negev Desert and Beyond. Eilat is situated at the tip of Israel’s stunning Negev Desert. If you want to visit this region, it’s advisable to rent a car at Eilat Airport as we explain below…

Where Can You Visit With An Eilat Hire Car?

  • Visiting Israel’s Negev Desert. There are some fantastic places to visit nearby Eilat in the Negev Desert, such as Timna Park, Makhtesh Ramon and Kibbutz Yotvata. Even the Lonely Planet has recognised the beauty of the Negev Desert, when it included the region on its “Top 10 Region List”. But you will need to hire a car to see the Negev Desert region of Israel, unless you decide to go on a group excursion.
  • Visiting Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Many visitors to Eilat want to travel from Eilat to Tel Aviv or from Eilat to Jerusalem. For this reason, arranging a car hire in Eilat can be a superb choice for adventurous travellers, looking to see more of Israel. Just keep in mind from Eilat to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem can be long car journeys (between three to five hours).
Car Hire in Eilat


Should You Rent a Car in Israel?

There’s no right or wrong answer here as it very much depends on the individual and how much he or she wants to see of Israel. If you are visiting Eilat for a simple beach holiday, then there’s probably no need to hire a car. However, more adventurous souls who want to visit the rest of Israel should definitely consider hiring a car. Otherwise, you would be reliant on public transport system. Given that there’s no railway track connecting Eilat to the rest of Israel, that means you would need to take a bus or go on a private excursion in order to see the rest of Israel.

Can You Rent a Car in Eilat and Return it in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem (or Visa Versa)?

Yes, it is usually possible to pick up a car in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and return the car to Eilat. Likewise, it is usually possible to pick up a car hire in Eilat and return the car in another location in Israel such as Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. It is first important to check that the car rental company has branches both at your chosen pick-up or return location as well as at Eilat Airport. From the four car rental companies operating at Eilat Airport Albar, Cal Auto, Budget and Shlomo Sixt, the latter two (i.e. Budget and Shlomo Sixt) have got the largest coverage across Israel. But make sure to check that there is no special drop-off fee charged for a one-way rental to or from Eilat. Typically, the car rental companies will charge such a special drop-off fee unless you hire the car for a minimum period of time.

Do You Need a Credit Card To Book a Car Rental in Israel?

Yes, all the major car companies in Israel demand that payment is made via credit card. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Visa, Mastercard or American Express but it must be a credit card.

The terms and conditions of an Israeli car hire typically require the person hiring a car present the credit card at the time of hire. So if you booked your car rental from Eilat online, make sure to bring the same credit card with you to the airport.

The hire car companies demand a credit card as they want to cover themselves in the case of deductibles. You can always try your luck with a debit card at one of the car rental agencies’ desks at the Eilat Ramon Airport but this is unlikely to be accepted in our experience.

Can You Rent a Car in Israel if you are 21 or Younger?

No, you will not be able to rent a car in Eilat or anywhere in Israel if you are under the age of 21. This is according to the terms and conditions of all the major car rental companies operating in Israel. Typically, car rental companies operating in Eilat will restrict the type of cars which may be hired by individuals between the ages of 21 and 23. If you are within this age group, make sure to check the terms and conditions of your car hire in Eilat. It is not unheard of for car rental companies to charge additional amounts for insurance or deductibles in the case of younger drivers.

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